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There's Something in the Autumn Breeze

As I have said before, as a farmer’s daughter there is something almost built in me like a switch or something . As soon as I smell the autumn air that switch flicks and I get a desire, almost a need to start gathering and storing food.

This last week I pulled and froze the last of my parsnips and this week it’s beetroot! I have pulled some of the bigger beetroot to make a chutney and a beetroot cake. But I have also pulled some baby ones for pickling whole.

I took up an entire line of carrots which I will now prep and freeze and later I will stroll to the orchard and collect more cooking apples as I need some for the chutney but also like to peel and slice some to freeze for apples cake and applesauce etc. I tend to flat freeze the apples so I can take a handful for a quick blackberry and apple crumble or pie or whatever I am making rather than stew and freeze.

All the jam jars I have collected over the year are finally being filled and some will be gifted around Christmas time.

I’m always super busy in the autumn. That autumnal sun and crisp freshness in the air is just beautiful and brings my senses alive. I adore the colours of the trees as the leaves begin to turn before falling to the ground. I love to be outside to enjoy as much of the autumn sun as I can, as winter will soon be tapping on autumn's shoulder. I have so much to gather and make and store and preserve.

I have grown 3 different types of bean this year just to dry and store for winter cooking, the colours are fantastic and I will blog on how to do this at a later date with some recipes to go along with it.

I have yet to forage for blackberries but they are beginning to look plump and beautiful. So soon I shall gather some and again flat freeze, then bag for ease.

In the next week or so I will start foraging, once most of Lottie's produce is safely stored ( squirreled) away in the cupboards and freezer etc. I will be gathering, along with blackberries, slows, rose hips, nettles and hazelnuts to mention just a few and I will share some of my favourite recipes with you.

I have gathered my fabulous horde of pumpkin and squash from Lottie and provided they are carefully stored they will see me through most of the winter. They also make a beautiful autumn display in the house!

I am always eager to try new recipes so please feel free to share if you have a recipe that is a favourite of yours!

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