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How to Make Horseradish Sauce

As summer turns to autumn my gathering and preserving instincts kick in. My family love horseradish sauce, whether it’s with smoked mackerel or a traditional roast beef dinner.

Horseradish is extremely easy to grow, just plant and leave it . It also grows often in the wild.

So here is how I make my horseradish sauce.

I have horseradish on the allotment so this is the time of year I dig it and make my speedy horseradish sauce. As I’m always so busy in the kitchen at this time of year preserving and canning it’s handy to have a recipe that literally takes 15 minutes.

Once you have dug the horseradish, cut off the leaves and wash the roots. Peel the roots with a potato peeler. Now you can leave the horseradish root whole at this stage and grate it, but it’s not for the faint hearted as it’s strong and will, like onions, make you weep!

So I cut mine into small pieces ( similar to how you would prepare a carrot) and then pop it into an electric chopper. I add 4 tablespoons of diced horseradish root and then added three tablespoons of mayonnaise, and half a tablespoon of white wine vinegar, and season to taste. Give it a quick whizz in the chopper and if needed add a little more white wine vinegar until you have the right consistency.

Continue until the horseradish is finely chopped and taste tested for seasoning. Once you have the taste and texture you want, spoon into sterilized jars and put it in the fridge. This will keep for up to three months. This recipe makes two small mustard size jars. It’s so cheap and easy to make and is so much nicer that shop bought horseradish. So give it a try and you will be hooked!

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