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Wellness Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

We both love to cook and grow and craft because it brings us joy. However, something else that each one of these things does is give a boost to our mental health. It is so important that we feature on our own to do lists and invest time into our own wellness and when we are able to, the wellness of others. So we have put together a Wellness Gift Guide for 2022, whether you want to get something for yourself, or someone else in need of a little self-care.

This beautiful gift set by the Dorset based company Bramley’s is something a bit different and really a great gift for candle lovers. The set includes a lovely scented candle, wick trimmers and matches in a beautiful gift box retails at £32

This lovely book is a must to give to growers and foodies alike. Kathy Slack's beautiful book takes you on a journey from sowing and growing your own food to putting it on the table and shows how it’s not only good for your health but for your mind and wellbeing also. Showing how anyone can grow their own food even without a space of their own. This lovely book is jam packed with a wealth of ideas and information that just makes the perfect gift.

Bach original flower remedies just make a beautiful gift. This trio of walnut, water Violet and impatiens are wonderful for feelings of positivity and there is a remedy for almost anything you could need. They can be used by putting just a few drops in a drink or under your tongue and you can use them individually or blend them together. And with 38 to choose from you can tailor make a gift pack for someone special.

There is always something really sumptuous about Aveeno products, from their skin relief body oil spray to their probiotic Oat ranges. You know Aveeno is not only kind and soothing to your skin but leaves you feeling just cleansed and rejuvenated. When we are working the allotments, we always look forward to a hot shower and Aveeno products when we get home . So naturally we like to share what we like. So making an Aveeno hamper for a Christmas gift is definitely on our to do list!

Working as a hypnotherapist I know how important aromatherapy is to someone’s well being and always have Tisserand oils in my diffuser during my working day. But I also love to gift Tisserand aromatherapy pure essential oils. Did you know that when inhaled the scent molecules in essential oils travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain. So this really is a gift that will make someone feel good!

Giving someone a gift that feels luxurious and also makes them feel good is always an ultimate goal at Christmas time. This beautiful balancing face mask from Odile Paris will do just that. It’s like a superfood for your skin. And we all know when we look good we feel good and this balancing mask with its Macadamia seed oil, Kaolin Clay, Alpine Spring Water, Alpine Rose Extract and healing Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract will definitely make you do both!

It’s always lovely to make up a Tea hamper for a Christmas gift and Clipper tea is definitely a favourite. Their range of fair trade teas are just perfect. From Camomile to Earl grey, there is something for every tea lover!

The Organics Pharmacy products are just beautiful and this overnight repair kit is no exception. The Organic Pharmacy formulations are truly organic, no pesticides, no impact on the environment and definitely no animal testing! So if you have someone who is very conscious about our environment, ecosystem, planet and the wildlife then The organic Pharmacy is definitely the one to look for. Fabulous quality products that carry a Ecocert certification.

If you're looking for a beauty gift with a decadent, luxury feel, Jillian Dempsey's Gold Bar is true luxury. This original 24k gold plated vibrating bar with 6000 rotations per minute makes a perfect gift for that special someone who likes to really look after their skin. It boosts blood flow and sculpts and firms the face leaving a fresh looking appearance. It certainly gets a 5 star from us!

There is something very magical about Christmas, it’s a time that brings family and friends together for fun and laughter. Sharing time playing a board game with family and friends can be so special and lifts spirits and fills a room with laughter.

The award winning game Dixit is just perfect at a Christmas gathering as it can have up to eight players and you just need fun imaginations and guesswork. It’s everyone for themselves and you soon find out who can really spin a yarn!

“So wrong it’s right” is the absolute right game to choose to play at your Christmas party. 3+ players firing quick answers but you don’t just need to know the answers, you need to be able to switch it, flip it, ditch it and more. You will definitely get your tongue in a tangle and great fun will be had by everyone!

Bedew Skin products are just beautiful and we think this Essentials kit makes a fabulous Christmas gift for someone who likes to take care of their skin. It includes all the essentials for a skin care routine and is suitable for all types of skin. The kit includes The Almond Oil Cleanser, Cleansing Cloth, The instant Enzyme Peel, Peel Brush , Hyaluronic Hydrator , Moisturiser and Heliocare SPF.

LIFORME spent 5 years researching and developing to create these beautiful unique and planet friendly yoga mats. And in our opinion they got it absolutely right. A very special gift to anyone who practices yoga or other types of exercise, or is wanting to get started. These fabulous quality mats are non-slip, durable and of the highest quality imaginable. The mat comes in a zipped carry case and it has a very comfortable shoulder strap. This LIFORME MINDFUL GARDEN in olive and floral is just stunning and is biodegradable and pvc free. Hop over to the website, you will be blown away with the multitude of choices. There is a yoga mat to suit everyone!

If you have someone who really like to care of their hair then look no further as we think this BondiBoost Miracle Mask is just the ticket. Made with plant based oils it will give their hair a real treat. Mix it up with other BondiBoost products to make a hair care hamper!

We married this up with the BondiBoost scrunching gift pack to give someone a perfect self care duo!

Make someone smile with confidence this Christmas with this great Glo032 Teeth whitening system from Boots. It’s really simple to use and retails at £30, so even more to smile about. And of course when you look good you feel good too!

We just thought this Empower flower crafting set was the most wonderful gift for crafters and those alike. A paper craft kit with the most amazing empowering messages. Being absorbed in crafting is such a wonderful way to relax the mind and to find something with such beautifully strong positive messages is an absolute bonus! Retail at £19.99 it’s a steal.

What more can we say than just BRILLIANT. This creative wellness kit from FabLab is so so nice. Because not only can it be used to make Jewellery, but a room diffuser and pillow spray. Crafting is a fabulous way to relax, but this has an extra something because it contains fragrances. So the lava beads in the jewellery can soak up those beautiful smells and make you feel good all day long. It includes 4 fragrances ( Lavender, Camomile, Lemon and Mandarin) So whether you are out wearing your bracelet or settling down to sleep you are just going to feel completely zen!

Send someone a real pamper treat this Christmas. Patchology Wish List Kit is a pamper kit in a box that is pure heaven. Included are 3 pairs of serve chilled bubble eye gels, 1 posh peel pedicure, 1 Hero status Roll Model brightening roll on eye serum and 1 best foot forward softening heel and foot mask. What more could anyone want to feel extra special!



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