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Oven Baked Sea Bream Recipe

This dish is as most of my favourites is a simple dish to prepare and cook, but is packed with

amazing flavours. Sea bream is a good meaty fish so don’t be scared to try it. And if you don’t

like your fish too fishy then this is the recipe for you as the combination of spices just gives it an

explosion of flavours on the taste buds!

Any good fishmonger will clean and descale your sea bream on request, my advice is always

ask him or her to do this as it’s a messy old job. I bought my sea bream from Asda and it’s

already been done and is ready to go.


2 Sea bream

One lemon cut in half One half for juice the other sliced.

A heaped teaspoon of




A smaller amount of

Salt and pepper

Ginger and Coriander powder

4 garlic cloves ( crushed)

A tablespoon of

Chopped fresh coriander

Chopped fresh parsley

Vegetables of your choice and potatoes if desired


All you need to do is remove the pectoral and pelvic fins with kitchen scissors and discard or again ask the fishmonger to do this.

Firstly I squeeze and rub lemon juice over the fish and the cut approx three slits each side of the

body to allow the marinade to penetrate.

In a small bowl add a generous teaspoon of cumin, turmeric, paprika and then a small amount of

salt, freshly ground black pepper, ginger and coriander powder.

Add most of the garlic but keep a small amount back to sprinkle over the veg.

Add the chopped coriander ( I always keep a pack of fresh frozen Coriander in my freezer as so

handy) and the chopped parsley.

Add a good glug of extra virgin olive oil, and a good squeeze of lemon juice and mix into a

paste, add more oil if needed and then spread the mixture using your fingers all over the fish.

Cover both sides and ease it into the slits you have cut and spread it inside the body cavity.

Set aside to marinade and prep veg while it’s doing so.

I cut into chunks red,yellow and green peppers,a red onion, courgettes, aubergine and added

tomato slices and a few cherry tomatoes and mushrooms. But you can add whatever you like, potatoes, sweet potatoes squash, broccoli... It really is whatever you enjoy.

Place the veg in a baking tray, sprinkle the remaining garlic and place the marinated fish on the

top of the vegetables and pop a small lemon slice in each slit you have cut.

Cover with a sheet of baking parchment and then foil sealing it in and put it in the over for 35 mins.

Remove from the oven and take the foil and parchment off and if it needs a little browning I like

to just pop it under the grill for a few moments.

Then you're ready to serve! The flavours from the spices lemon and garlic will have infused the

veg and the flavours are just fabulous!

This is not an expensive meal although it looks like restaurant food, and because I grow my

own veg it costs £2 a per person and if you have to buy veg it’s still a cheap meal that is just

packed with omega 3 and protein!

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