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Our Wellness Christmas Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Ad-Gifted. All opinions are our own.

Let's face it, the last person on our to-do lists is usually ourselves, so whether this year you are looking to practice a little more self-care or encourage others to take better care of themselves, we have rounded up some wonderful gift suggestions this holiday season for promoting wellness in ourselves and others!

Men are notoriously difficult to buy for . But this men’s travel trio really fits the bill. If you have someone who likes to travel light but wants really good quality products in their wash bag then this is just perfect!

This PHARMACY ESSENTIALS skin care kit is the perfect gift for someone who you really care about, who cares about the planet. It really is beautiful and perfect to repair and revitalise. Fabulously packaged with 7 of their best selling products. It’s definitely top of my Christmas wish list!

Pmd smart facial cleaning device is a great gift for someone who likes to take great care and pride in their everyday appearance. With its glow Technology, it deeply cleans the skin using ultra hygienic silicone. It can be used to massage in moisturiser and takes just two AA batteries so no cables, always a plus!

Whenever possible I love to give gifts that are made from sustainably sourced goods. And there is no exception when it comes to LEGOLOGY candles. My absolute favourite of the moment is the Holiday at home limited edition. It smells off the scale amazing! Made from soya and beeswax it is a clean burning candle and makes a truly luxurious gift.

Embryolisse beauty oils make a really fab gift because it moisturises not only the face but body and also hair. It really nourishes and is non greasy so feels light on the skin. I like to mix, match and marry up products and I have married this up with COSRX ultimate moisturising Honey mask for overnight . They go really well together to keep skin hydrated day and night and make a super Christmas gift.

Better you products make wonderful gifts for those who lead busy or stressful lives. Sinking into a bath with their magnesium mineral flakes that are blended with Lavender and Chamomile will make anyone just relax. Its soothes aching muscles and has a detoxifying and calming effect on the body. Then using the body lotion after a soak in the bath just prepares the body for sleep. The Lavender and Chamomile relaxes the mind and helps leave the stresses and strains of the day behind.

There is something just incredible about how are senses can change our feelings and emotions, particularly our sense of smell. Gifting products from the Calm Society is like gifting a sense of peace and tranquillity. They have a range of quality products from hand made candles, to essential oils that are all beautifully blended to enhance life. Wonderful for relaxing and inducing feelings of calm and contentment. They also have a collection to boost energy too or help you feel more focused.

Okay so I may be one of those people that buys gifts for my pets. But why not, they give me so much joy throughout the year! But stop right there, I'm not wasting my money on cheap chew toys that are discarded in days. I love to treat my pooches to quality products and one of my favourites is Chilcott Lavender and peppermint shampoo. It has the most amazingly calming effect on them and is gentle and soothing to their skin. After a bath they are always rather pleased with themselves and they smell good too. When you have a Frenchie that's s a bit bonkers and is a particularity itchy little character you can see why I choose such beautiful gifts for her!

When I'm thinking stocking fillers for her I love to gift something a little luxurious and I really love LADY SHOW BIZ Luxury hand and nail cream. Its something I like to use myself and the best gifts are always the one's that you have tried and tested. It restores my hands in no time at all and through the winter months it protects them too so is just perfect to pop in a stocking.

There is something soothing about a hot water bottle and if you marry it up with lavender then its pure heaven. And I adore this Alpaca Super soft hot water bottle by CHILCOTT. It comes with a pocket attached of their own lavender grown on their farm in the Brecon Beacons. The heat from the bottle seems to activate the lavender and it fills your senses with the most relaxing aroma. Its so beautiful its almost like gifting a hug!

Room diffusers are lovely gifts when they are made of quality products. CHILOTT sells a sweet orange diffuser that is just that. The sweet orange is very uplifting and energising and you can tell they are made with a wonderfully balanced blend of quality essential oils. The sweet orange has just of tiny note of lavender that they grow themselves on their farm. This is a gift that you can give knowing that it is not only natural and environmentally friendly, but reusable and recyclable too.

I love to feel I am supporting my family and friends when I am choosing gifts for them. What ever their hobbies or interests . So when I came across VIDRATE I immediately knew who would really appreciate this a hundred times more than socks or chocs because it's their thing. And that's what gifting at Christmas is about, finding a gift that will be used, enjoyed and appreciated. So knowing that it, I ordered a selection of sachets of different flavours and a water bottle so my little gym bunny can not only stay hydrated but have vitamins and electrolytes too and no nasty sugars . I love gifting something a bit different because it shows that a lot of thought has gone into it.

How many of us are really bad at self care? I know I can be sometimes. If you have someone your buying a Christmas gift for that you know is particularly bad at it, then why not get them something that will encourage better self care. Hopefully this will help them see the benefits of self care and then they will continue with it. You can always rely on Bach Rescue to repair and restore and its a name we all know and immediately connect with self care. So gifting a little package of self care from Bach is like giving someone a hand up.

We are all about the sustainment gifts and when we came across this lovely revitalising shower set from Dr. Hauschka. We immediately knew it was something special. It comes complete with shower cream, shampoo and lemongrass vitalising body milk and a calico bag. All 100% natural lemony loveliness. A real treat at Christmas time!



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