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Halloween in Dorset

Whether you enter into the spirit of Halloween or not things will for sure be a little different this year...or a lot different. We have always been big fans of the holiday and it has been something we look forward to from the moment September arrives.

Growing up in a small village, where everyone knew everyone else and there was such a community spirit, meant that it wasn't only us who were interested in making the most of Halloween. My step-dad being a former theatre technician always went to town, rigging up creaking doors with sound effects, projecting images and light displays onto the front of the house as well as throwing cobwebs, spiders and skeletons everywhere and one year dressing up and hiding in the hall cupboard to greet those foolish enough to ring the bell - it was wonderful.

We would dress up and walk around the village, following the trail of pumpkins, lights and the sounds of screams. It was understood and always followed that any house with no decoration was not one you visited and it worked so well I continued to take the children of the village and family round, well into my twenties.

When she was old enough, I began taking my own daughter trick or treating too and she absolutely loved it and was excited to do so again this year. Alas, covid-19 had other ideas and it simply isn't safe (or possibly legal) to trick or treat this year. Our children have been through so much already this year and missed out on so many things, I thought that Halloween was going to be another thing to add to the list.

However, The Great Dorset Pumpkin Trail is a go! Basically, during the half term week please could everyone can put a picture of a pumpkin in their window, like we did with the rainbows. We can then take the kids around, dressed up, to search for pumpkins. Every time they see one we can put sweets in their baskets for them.

Trick or treating with a difference in a Covid safe way. It's brilliant and amazing how the communities of Dorset are coming together to still try and do something special for the children. If you want to check if your area is participating then join the Facebook Group and whack a pumpkin in your window!!

Happy Halloween!



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