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Foodies Christmas Gift Guide 2023

Updated: 3 days ago

Indulge the epicurean in your life with our delectable Foodies Christmas Gift Guide! This carefully crafted collection celebrates the art of gastronomy, presenting a symphony of culinary delights that will tantalise taste buds and satisfy even the most discerning palates. From artisanal chocolates and gourmet spreads to cutting-edge kitchen gadgets and unique cooking experiences, our guide is a feast for the senses. Whether you're shopping for the passionate home cook, the aspiring chef, or the devoted food enthusiast, these handpicked selections promise to turn this holiday season into a gastronomic adventure. Discover the perfect blend of flavour, innovation, and culinary elegance to make this Christmas a delicious celebration for the food lovers in your life.

purple christmas scene with Foodies Christmas gift Guide

Sacla Foodie Treats

Let’s get this party started and pop a bottle of Bellini and celebrate Italian style. We love Bellini and how better to finish a dinner party than with a lush glass of Limoncello. Both of these are available from Sacla and definitely get our party seal of approval!

bottles of bellini and limoncello

Puglia Olive Oil Duo

Love to cook, then you will love these amazing olive oils, quality olive oil presented in beautiful bottles just make the perfect gift for those who love to get creative in the kitchen.

2 bottles of luxury olive oil

Lyme Bay Winery

Whether you are buying as a gift or to drink to celebrate a special occasion you will find the finest selection at Lyme Bay Winery. We just love their Brut Reserve and if you haven’t tried Mead before you need to hop over to their website and see the Mead selection on offer, from Rhubarb Mead and a Chilli Mead right through to Waking the Demon Mead! But of course we have Chosen the Christmas Mead because it’s just heavenly.

bottles of mead and sparkling wine

Dorset Blue Vinny

Dorset Blue Vinny are outstanding cheese makers and renowned for its delicious blue Vinny cheese that is made by family farmers that have been using a 300 year old recipe since 1980. They sell beautiful hampers and this Dorset blue gift box that retails at only £21.50

blue vinny cheese on  a board

Did you know that Dorset Blue Vinny produces their own range of chutneys? They are just fantastic as a gift or for the Boxing Day table. There is a wonderful selection available, hop over and take a look. We do have a firm favourite but we are not going to tell. We would love you to let us know which one you love the most!?

dorset blue vinny chutneys

DorsetShine Craft Gin

Dorsetshine craft Gins are produced by the Dorsetshine Distillery on the south coast of England. A family run firm who have a true passion for gin and that passion really does shine through in the flavours of the Gins they produce. These would make beautiful gifts and also are a must in the drinks cabinet to celebrate Christmas with friends and family.

dorset shine mini gins

Canned Wine Co.

We just love this gift set from the canned wine company. Imagine this in your stocking on Christmas morning! This would kick your Christmas off with a real sparkle. There is a wonderful selection to choose from, so something to suit every wine lover.

selection of canned wine

6 O'Clock Sloe Gin

We just love a glass of sloe gin at Christmas time. Sitting by the fire and sharing stories of Christmases gone by. There is something very special about 6 o’clock sloe Gin, its beautiful smooth flavour that is created by using hand picked Sloes that are then left to soak for six months. This always brings a smile to our faces. It feels like being wrapped in a warm heavenly blanket.

bottle of sloe gin

Womersley Gift Box

Foodies will love this gift boxed vinegar set from Womersley. These can be added to a luscious hamper or gifted in this beautiful presentation box. We have chosen Strawberry and Mint Vinegar and Raspberry.

vinegar gift box


We couldn’t write a Christmas gift guide without including Opies! These just make a Christmas hamper really special and this year we have chosen mulled fruits of the forest, luscious peaches, black cherries and baby pears with Luxardo amaretto. Each jar comes with a recipe suggestion too, so if you can’t bear to give them away you can really treat the family at Christmas with luxurious recipe treats.

selection of opies products

Melitta Coffee Machine

Who doesn’t just love the aroma of freshly ground coffee! The AROMAFRESH II THERM PRO FILTER COFFEE MACHINE is just wonderful . Bean to cup freshly ground coffee in your own home. With its integrated conical burr you can tailor make your coffee to your liking. You can adjust the coffee intensity and the brewing strength, so that your coffee is just how you like it. With its easy to use display and detachable water tank and even a timer you can just relax and let the machine brew the perfect coffee for you and your family as it can make 2 to 10 cups and it will also keep the coffee warm too!

We think this makes the perfect present for any coffee lover!

coffee machine

Bathtub Gin Discovery Set

What could be more perfect than this lovely Bathtub Gin Flavour Discovery Tasting Set as a gift this Christmas. It come in this beautiful box along with a set of taste note cards, so you can write your own personal notes on the back.

bath tub gin set

Joe & Seph's

We just lovely these delicious popcorn treats from Joe & Seph’s they would make a great stocking filler or a sweet treat set out for when guests arrive, if you don’t eat them yourself before!

joe and seph's popcorn treats


If Santa drops this into a mint lovers stocking we just know they will be very happy. Peppersmith's mint box selection gets the big thumbs up from us too.

collection of mints and gum

Sol Infusion

Botanical-Elixir are offering this beautifully gift boxed Sol Infusion, designed and formulated to support women’s skin radiance and overall well being. Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory this beautiful blend comes along with a handcrafted hammered - brass tea canister. Two heaped teaspoons infused in water, adding honey to taste will just make you feel calm and soothe your mind, and also your skin. We all deserve moments of self care and reflection and there is no better way to do this than to have a cup of Sol Infusion as part of your self care ritual and routine .

gift box with gold mug and tea

Lakrids by Bulow

Christmas is a time for pure decadence and quality. This gold selection box from Lakrids by Bulow, is exactly that. Fabulous quality treats that are gluten and gelatine free liquorice. Classic caramel, butter cookie and crispy raspberry to name but a few of the flavours that are presented in this luxurious box of sweet treats.

a gold box full of liquorice chocolate

Kew Gardens by Laithwaites

Kew Gardens Russo Incognito NV is a Medium bodied Red wine with the wonderful aroma of plum and black cherry with a hint of black pepper. This was made in collaboration with the famous Royal Botanical Gardens Kew. An absolute treat for Red wine lovers!

bottle of red wine


Swizzles advent calendar is a big hit for anyone of the (cough cough) Older generation as there are so many sweet treats that will bring childhood memories flooding back, but also you will find the young ones will equally enjoy this advent Calendar as they discover the fabulous selection hidden behind the doors, so that they too can make wonderful Swizzler memories.

advent calendar

All your sweet shop favourites are packed into these Switzerland packs! What better treat for a stocking filler, a Christmas gift to share or to fill bowls for guests to pick their favourites from. Or ( and this is my advice) hide them in a cupboard and don’t tell a soul and eat them when everyone has gone home!

packets and tubs of sweets

Love hearts or drum sticks, which was your childhood favourite? I was definitely a love heart girl but my other half is a drumsticks guy all the way. That's just perfect because you can just get a tub of your favourites and what could be more perfect. Thank you Swizzlers for making life so sweet and easy!

tubs of sweets

Conker Distillery

We can’t say Gin without putting Conker in front of it. Dorset's finest Conker Gin is always a winner, smooth and with 10 selected botanicals including marsh samphire, elderberries and hand picked gorse flowers, all foraged across the Jurassic coast, We are proud of the fact this is distilled in beautiful Dorset.

But brace yourself because amongst the other fabulous things they are brewing up here in Dorset, is Conker Coffee Liqueur, YES! And it is FAB..U..LOUS! But don’t take our word for it, grab yourself a bottle ready for the season of good cheer, and one for the rest of the year too!

bottle of gin and bottle of coffee liqueur


It’s party time! And when it’s time to celebrate with friends and cocktails then grab a bottle of Passoa. This passion fruit liqueur made with real passion fruit is an essential in the cocktail cabinet!

Stockists: all major retailers,Amazon,WaitrosePress Release |Imagery

bottle of passoa


If you like to sip a brandy with friends and you like quality then you definitely need to try this 12 star Metaxa. It’s a premium Greek brandy with the smoothest rich flavour with notes of orange peel, dried fruits with hints of spice making it a perfect after dinner drink to share.

Stockists:Amazon,Master of Malt,Whisky Exchange,House of Malt,Drink Supermarket

bottle of metaxa


An absolute must have in the drinks cabinet for cocktail nights is Cointreau orange liqueur triple sec. Whether you're shaking up an original Margarita or going for a Cosmopolitan Cointreau beautiful balanced orange liqueur essential. And it is rather yummy in a dessert too!

Stockists: all major retailers,Amazon,Waitrose,

bottle of cointreau

The Botanist Gin

THE BOTANIST we don’t really have to say much more. 22 hand-foraged local botanicals delicately augment nine berries, barks, seed and peels during an achingly slow distillation……… Just Perfect!

Stockists:The Botanist Gin, Waitrose, Sainsburys

bottle of gin

Banhoek Chilli Oil

Well there is chilli oil and then there is BANHOEK CHILLI OIL, and if you don’t know the difference then you definitely need to get some and try it! Beautifully balanced chilli oil that spices up your food, but doesn’t overpower it. Get drizzling!

bottle of chilli oil

Burns Festive Doggy Dinners

Ok so we are the kind of people that buy our pets Christmas presents ( I’m sure you're not shocked) and we also make sure they have the perfect Christmas dinner too. That’s why we have chosen Burns festive turkey this year for the girls Christmas lunch. Jazz can be a bit sensitive, and that’s why we love Burns as it’s grain free!

Turkey enriched with potatoes, parsnips and carrots, gluten free and hypoallergenic, so we have happy healthy dogs, not itchy ones!

dog food


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