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Courgette & Curry Soup Recipe

Through the summer months I had a glut of courgettes and one of the ways to use them was to

make courgette and curry soup.

This is a real winter warmer and my family loves it. I make large batches and freeze them in so I

can just whip them out of the freezer and after a cold blustery dog walk this is just perfect. This is

a quick and easy recipe and if you like a bit of spice you will love it.


2 tablespoons of oil oil

1 Large onion

1 tablespoon of curry powder

Pinch of sea salt

4 courgettes cubed

2 pints of chicken stock

1 medium size potato, cubed


Heat the oil in a pan and on a low heat cook the potato and courgette to soften them . Don’t

allow them to brown.

Add the curry powder and fry this off for a few minutes to release the flavours. Next add the

stock and then cover and simmer until the potato and courgette are soft and cooked through.

With a blender, liquidise the soup and as you do this it will naturally thicken because of the

potato. Season with salt and serve. Alternatively once cooled, pour into sauce bags, label and


A true winter warmer!

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