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Wild Garlic Butter Recipe

With April comes the beginning of an abundance of foraging opportunities. This is a time when I make my wild garlic butter and wow it tastes simply amazing. It’s a freezer recipe that you will just love!

Find and pick your wild garlic leaves and wash them thoroughly. Allow the leaves to dry in a colander or pat dry with kitchen roll.

Leave a block of butter out to soften at room temperature and then chop the garlic leaves, you can do this course or fine that is up to you, it will smell glorious!

Pop the butter into a bowl and add the chopped wild garlic and mix. You can also add a few twists of ground pepper to the butter at this stage if you wanted to. Lay a sheet of cling film on the counter top and spoon the wild garlic butter in a line on to the cling film. (the aim is to make a sausage shape)

Wrap the cling film over and roll it, taking the two ends of the cling film and roll the sausage of garlic butter so the end of the cling film tighten. Once the sausage shape is tight, knot the ends and freeze.

Now whenever you need to use the garlic butter you can just remove it from the freezer and unwrap and cut a slice and return the remainder to the freezer for another day. It’s fabulous melted on top of a steak!

If you have any wild garlic leftover just pack it into an ice cube tray add a small amount of water and freeze. Pop the cubes out into a freezer bag and label. Grab a cube from the freezer when you are cooking, try it in a pasta dish or a homemade sauce. You will be hooked!

What type of dish would you use wild garlic in?

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