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Tide Dorset: Something Special

Dorset is one of the most beautiful places to live. We have a wealth of small businesses, many that are unique to Dorset.

One such business is Tide Dorset, who I discovered when I was Christmas shopping and was looking for something that was that little bit extra special, that had a connection to the sea and with Dorset.

Tide Dorset was created by a young couple who not only have a passion for the Jurassic coast but also for the environment. They spend time beachcombing for sea glass to use in their jewellery creations and litter pick as they go.

Each piece of jewellery is a one off and that is also what makes it so very special. Necklaces pendants, bracelets and even earrings lovingly crafted with sea glass collected from the Dorset coast line.

James and Hazel of Tide Dorset go to great lengths to only take sustainably from the local area. They strive to bring environmental issues like sea pollution to the attention of others. In hope that people will begin to make changes to preserve our stunning coastline.

Sea glass is partials of broken glass that has been carelessly discarded and have found their way into the sea. Worn down by the sea and the waves the edges soften and it has a frosted finish to it. Each piece is unique and different to the next. They also collect and make jewellery from sea pottery, again this is pottery that has been dumped and discarded and Mother Nature and the sea have turned into something unique and quite beautiful.

Tide Dorset has an Etsy shop where you can view their latest creations and trust that when you finally have your purchase in your hands, you will not be disappointed as it will be even more beautiful than the photograph portrait.

Tide sea glass jewellery makes a perfect gift for someone special and truly would be a gift unlike any other!



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