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Thank You Small Businesses

During this pandemic it has become more and more apparent to us that we need to support our small local businesses. We have really relied on many to continue providing the amazing service they always have done in very difficult circumstances. Not just the butchers and veg businesses but all types of businesses.

As Katie and I both work from home, our computers are very much the most important tool we have.

Like so many now working from home and children being home schooled having our computers running smooth and efficiently is more important than ever before!

We discovered a local based computer repairman, whom we have found to be very reliable and fair priced. Because we both need our computers daily for our work it’s really important to have someone who gets the job done.

So when my laptop was having a very bad day I called SW Computers and they were just great! Nothing was too much trouble. And my computer was fixed and running faster than ever and in just 24 hours!

They ran a very safe drop off and collection procedure following all the Covid rules and guidelines, so disaster was truly averted and I was back online in no time which was a great relief!

When looking at their Facebook page, we found out that they not only fix computers but build them from scratch for next to nothing. They have been putting out fires all over Dorset from fixing a young man's xBox so he could still play and communicate with his friends, to fixing a tablet that was used to ensure the health and safety of someone suffering from epilepsy.

They also offer phone screen repairs as well as battery replacements and often at a lot better cost than some of the big repair retailers - another advantage of using a local business.

So a big thank you SW Computers for saving the day! And thank goodness for a local and small business, we really do need to support and look after them.



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