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Supporting Local Dorset Businesses

One thing that has become very apparent in this covid-19 lockdown is that the people of Dorset are very supportive of each other and this virus has definitely brought people together, even though we are all apart!

People are reaching out to each other and supporting people in their local areas that they have never even met before. Sharing what they have and keeping each other safe by social distancing.

The other thing I have noticed is people's support of local businesses. We have some fabulous businesses in Dorset supplying not only food produce, but an array of goods and they are going above and beyond to keep us going through this difficult time.

The Fridge, a fabulous delicatessen in the Tudor arcade Dorchester, is the most wonderful shop with every cheese you could dream of plus fresh produce like asparagus and tomatoes They sell everything Dorset and so much more; wine, ham, olives... the list goes on and on. They now have an order online and deliver to your door service. Absolutely fantastic!

Another amazing small business in Dorchester is Dodgsons of Dorchester Ltd, A traditional hardware store that first opened it's doors in 1961. Selling all your DIY equipment. The staff are so knowledgeable.They are open to phone orders and arranged collections. They are also offering a delivery service. So good to know if you have to do an urgent repair or you need equipment to keep you busy during the lock down.

The Galley Bistro based in Weymouth are delivering carverys on a Sunday, a choice of up to 3 meats! Brilliant if you have been working or you need a treat.

The Jurassic coast farm shop are also delivering to the door selling meat, fish, fruit & veg and cupboard essentials from the Dorset countryside.

Napper and son building contractors are now able to deliver building materials, so no more excuses not do those jobs around the house and garden anymore!

Dorset business are doing an amazing job of continuing to supply goods to the people of Dorset. It very much reminds me of conversations I had with my Nan as a child. Where she would tell me how local businesses would visit the villages once a week, with a horse and cart selling their wears and she would buy sewing threads and so on.

Things have moved on a lot over the years, but its good to know that our wonderful Dorset businesses are still willing and able to come to you during such a difficult time.

Hats off to local small businesses of Dorset we thank and support you!



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