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Pigs in Blankets Recipe

A real money saver at Christmas is making your own pigs in blankets. It really is child’s play and only takes minutes to prepare, and the children will love to help.

It is so much cheaper than buying ready made, they really do only takes five minutes to prepare and you can buy really good quality pork chipolatas from the butcher to make them extra special. I always use smoked streaky bacon as it just makes the perfect pigs in blankets.

Simply cut the chipolatas in half or if your butcher sells them, buy cocktail sausages. Cut the streaky rashers in half and use half a rasher per sausage.

On a tray spread greaseproof paper, then wrap the sausage with the bacon and place the seam side down. Once all the sausages are wrapped pop into the freezer to flat freeze. Once frozen put the pigs in blankets into a labelled freezer bag and they are ready for the big day and can be cooked from frozen!

This is always a fun little job to do with the kids and they will enjoy eating them too knowing they helped to make them.

Merry Christmas!

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