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Our Dorset Christmas Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

*Ad-Gifted. All opinions are our own.

No doubt about it we are Dorset girls born and bred. One of us has lived in one main section of Dorset their whole life and the other has moved across Dorset, been to live in Italy and back again and in the last few years has discovered her heart lies in the Dorset Country Life. So what more could you expect from us, than a Christmas gift guide celebrating local Dorset produce. Whether it's for someone who loves Dorset, or you just want to shop small or local this year, there are some great gift options!

When we met SOPHIE NATASHA at the vegan market back in the summer we knew we would be returning to her website towards Christmas time to buy some Christmas gifts. And the small Dorset based business did not disappoint. We just love the bunting and the gift bags are just perfect. And of course we couldn't resist the beautiful tree decorations. So much choice it’s fabulous!

The Compton Candle Company make the most beautiful candles. All the items are made in West Dorset with high quality ingredients and the soy wax is sustainably sourced and they smell incredible. The winter orange just smells like Christmas. They sell really lovely gift sets and also sell Reed diffusers too!

What is more beautiful than gifting a jigsaw? Gifting one where you choose the picture of course! And you can do this on this amazing app from Boots. You simply download the picture of your choice and you will be sent a beautiful high quality Ravensburger puzzle depicting your very own photo. So whether it’s a picture of the grandchildren or a special place you have visited right through to a celebration photo or special pet. The choices are endless and what a fabulous keepsake to give to that someone special!

If you want to gift something this truly Dorset, these Dorset button starter kits from Henry's Buttons are just lovely and you will find everything you will need to get started in the art of Dorset button making. Learn how to make buttons just as they were hand made between 1622 and 1850. Learn about casting, slicking, laying and rounding to create your own beautiful Dorset button.

There is something very exciting and special happening in Dorset. Sourcing fabulous locally produced items to gift is always top of my list. And THE WASABI COMPANY in Dorset has something extra special going on. Their Wasabi Vodka is just incredible and you won’t be disappointed, it makes the most amazing Bloody Mary’s. However you drink your Vodka this Wasabi Vodka will take it to a whole new level!

A gift of fun and adventure will be found right inside these treasure trails. Not just for children but adults too will love the journey they take you on. You can be a detective or look for treasure at many different locations around Dorset. Follow the instructions and the whole family get involved and see who can crack the clues and find the hidden treasure. Learning incredible stories along the way, who is the best detective in your family?! You can buy treasure trails for locations all over the country and before you know it the adventure begins!

Giving a gift that is a good local Dorset product is always top of our list. A Dorset farmer who was following in the footsteps of his forefathers, who had been making cheese for 300 years didn’t like wasting the whey. So set about fermenting and then distilling the whey and BLACK COW VODKA was born. This is sooooo smooth it makes the perfect gift for Vodka lovers if you can bear to part with it! Now they have the fabulous BLACK COW CHRISTMAS SPIRIT and “oh my, it’s off the scale it’s so good” All the aromas and flavours of Christmas. It makes fabulous Christmas cocktails, or simply drink it on the rocks.

I adore candles from Fiery fox candles. They are made right here in the heart of beautiful Dorset. They are made from the highest quality soy wax and are vegan friendly and cruelty free. They arrive so beautifully packaged and just make the perfect gift. They also make the most amazing wax melts and tea lights. Absolutely spoilt for choice!

We just love the ethically made range from Lytchett Bay Soaps. They have something for everyone. Fabulous shower steamers, a range of products for him, bath, shower and body cream. So you can treat some one from head to toe. And they do wonderful gift bags and boxes too!



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