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Makeup Your Mind

As the weeks pass by during lock down and many of us find ourselves not evening knowing what day of the week it is, some of our daily habits are beginning to change. Many people are spending days in lounge wear and it feels like every day is a duvet day especially when it’s raining. Although it's good to have time out and days to just relax, many people are beginning to struggle with feeling low in mood, with this groundhog day life we have found ourselves forced into. So, what can we do to make ourselves feel better? I’m a strong believer in the look good feel good cycle. Looking good increases self esteem and confidence, it helps us to feel more positive and lifts our mood. So, during the lockdown period make a promise to yourself to still get up and put your makeup on. This could be a good time to experiment with new makeup ideas. There are many tutorials online. Take your time and enjoy experimenting and as well as your make up, spend time doing your hair. We have all said “ if I only had the time!" and now we have. Cast your mind back to the mornings when you threw your makeup on and barely had time to drag a comb through your hair.

Now is your time to “ makeup” for your mind. Take time and make yourself feel good. It doesn’t matter if no one is going to see you, do it for you and you will be surprised how much better you feel. Knowing you are looking good starts that lovely look good feel good mindset in motion. Wear something nice, maybe choose a day or few days a week where you really go to town. Men can have a shave and put on that crisp white freshly ironed shirt instead of an old T-shirt. Another thing that can help our mood is sensory; make sure you smell good. Let yourself wear that special perfume or aftershave, you deserve to smell good as well as look good! Ask yourself the question, in normal times when you are out and about in the world, why do you make an effort? Is it for the stranger on the street? Or for yourself to make yourself feel good?

And of course it is for yourself, to give yourself good positive feelings and confidence. So why would we stop doing this during lockdown? A time when we need more than ever to feel positive. Be kind to yourself, think of ways to make yourself feel good all day long and then at the end of the day, treat yourself to a facial, yes you men too! And spend time moisturising. Don’t forget those poor hands too; if they are anything like mine they will be feeling really dry from all the hand washing. So a good coat of hand cream will do them good. Then you are all set to have another “look good feel good” day tomorrow.



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