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Keep it Mack!

A couple of months ago, we attended the Dorchester Vegan market and wrote all about the wonderful local businesses we were so excited to meet. We tried delicious food and drinks and many products that were all wonderful. However, when walking around the market, we came across one stall where we ended up spending a lot of time and as we walked away thought... this needs a post all of it's own. No, it DESERVED one of it's own.

We met the creators of Keep It Mack, which if you get down to basics is a cleaning company but in fact they are so much more. We loved what they made and what they stood for so much, we actually organised to go to their offices and do a private interview with them to learn more about their company.

You might be sat there thinking, okay well how amazing can a cleaning products company be? Well trust us, they're pretty darn awesome. They stand for and promote everything we believe in and together we think they're a truly special company. Here's their story;

"2 years ago we introduced the commercial cousin of our MACK biotech range into some pretty intense manufacturing environments, traditionally the stronghold of old fashioned cleaning technologies. It performed better, cost less and was not dangerous to the people who used them. We were loved by all the Facilities Managers in all the land. So, we put our three heads together (there are three of us) and our three heads thought, how about we develop this incredible product for the domestic market? Until now there have been two options available; the chemical heavy, old fashioned harmful one or the plant based, expensive and not very good at its job one.

Our product is very different - it’s the application of world class biotechnology. Our mission is to make the MACK range a part of everyone’s domestic cleaning regime and thereby reducing the impact on the planet by reusing old trigger spray bottles and/or repurposing single use plastic bottles into new trigger spray bottles, using only cold water to add to the concentrate to create your cleaning product and therefore saving energy by not heating up water, reducing the amount of harmful chemicals being released into the environment and to make MACK biotech cleaning concentrates affordable to all people.


When we met Ian and Ant, two of the dynamic trio at the Dorchester Vegan Market, they were stood behind a stall full of cleaning products that were in old water and cleaning bottles. That's right... they re-use OLD and used bottles for household cleaning. After talking to them, we wondered if they were too good to be true - could they really use recycled bottles and have a non-toxic set of cleaning solutions that actually worked?!

Well, let us tell you... they do! Essentially what you can do, is buy a large canister of one of their many products, then decant and dilute it in your old water bottles and spray guns at home - they even provide labels so you can mark what your products are. The best part is, they then accept the return of bottles and plastics to be reused once again.

If you visit the Keep It Mack website you'll instantly be struck by the natural humour of the company from their motto to the names of the products, but despite the comedic nature of these company owners, their products and their message are hard hitting! So much so, that one of their biggest supporters is actually another Dorset born company you might have heard of.... Lush!

There are exciting things on the horizon for Keep it Mack, with new product launches coming soon. What's more is that if you try and shop in an eco-friendly manner, they'll soon be popping up in no waste stores, with their selection of cleaning solution optics for you to get exactly what you need.

In the future, when it comes to cleaning we have no doubt we will be "keeping it mack!" Will you?



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