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How to Make Homemade Jar Candles

I love a candle, and I love the smell of good quality candles, but I don’t like the prices!

So I decided to make my own candles and was surprised how easy it was. I bought a pack of candle wicks, some sticky dots, soy wax, I already had empty jam jars and old candle jars and a variety of essential oils, so I was ready to get started.

Here is how I made my own beautiful smelling soy candles.

I used an old baked bean tin to melt the wax by standing the tin in a saucepan of hot water. I chose soy wax as it’s not harmful when it burns. I selected the jar I wanted to use and filled it twice with the wax to measure and tipped the two measures into the bean tin. Because once it melts down I found it’s volume was about half of the amount needed. So doubling it meant the jar would be filler to the top for my candle.

Next using a glue dot I stuck the candle wick in place, and once my wax was melted I added the essential oils. (be generous with the oils and it will smell amazing)

Once the wax has cooled a little, carefully pour it into the jar and use a couple of chopsticks or pencils to ensure the wick is in the centre.

Then leave it to cool. Once it’s cooled you can decorate the jar if you are gifting with some jute or ribbon.

The first candle I made was with lemongrass and orange, and I finally chopped orange and lemon peel and added to the wax. Perfect for a kitchen candle to get rid of cooking smells.

The second candle I made was lavender and Patchouli and I added dry lavender flowers to the mix and it looked and smelt great, perfect for relaxing. The combinations are endless and I will definitely be making more.

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