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How to Make 2 Christmas Orange Candles

I love the kitchen to smell nice at Christmas. So I make my super easy candles just using one orange. They burn for hours and are cheap to make and you can put in whatever you like to make them smell good.


Take one orange and cut it in half. Set one half aside and carefully remove the flesh from the other leaving the little stalk in the centre. Once the flesh is removed fill with cooking oil, I like to add cloves and star anise. Leave it to stand for an hour before lightning so the stalk soaks up the oil. It will smell amazing!


Carefully cut the peel off the second half of the orange. Take a jam jar and in the bottom add pebbles, gems, whatever you have. I just used sea salt. Fill the jar half full of water, top up with cooking oil and this will of course float to the top.

Again I add star anise, cloves and the orange peel and I like to add cinnamon essential oil for that extra Christmas aroma. Next use either the lid of a take way cup or a piece of plastic milk bottle and cut a circle. Carefully perce a hole in the center and push a piece of kitchen string through. This will be the wick. Put the wick in and let it float on the top of the oil. And your ready to go. They burn for hours and smell incredible 😍

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