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Honey and Garlic Chicken Skewers Recipe

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

As a family getting together for a BBQ is a regular event. I love the pace of a BBQ. Family and friends arrive chatting and laughing over a glass of wine while the meat etc gently cooks away and the smells drift about us. There are many BBQ products you can buy frozen, but they can be very expensive and if you take the time to read some of what is in these products it may put you off. But trying to prep everything and socialise can be difficult. You can end up chasing around and not enjoying yourself.

I’m going to share a range of recipes with you that I make year in and year out that I usually start preparing late spring, so that I can fill the freezer with a variety of super delicious BBQ goodies to make life in the summer as easy as possible. Where you can feed family and friends with really good BBQ food and save the pennies!

Honey and garlic chicken skewers


1 tbsp vegetable oil

1 tbsp sesame oil

2 garlic cloves minced ( I grate mine with a very fine grater)

1 tsp fresh ginger ( again finely grated)

3 tbsp Dark soy sauce

3 tbsp Runny honey

2 fresh chicken breasts

Bamboo skewers

Peppers of choice cut into squares

Red or white onion quartered and each quarter cut in half

Pineapple ( optional)


Take a bowl and sit a freezer bag inside it like a liner, folding the top of the bag over the sides of the bowl.

Tip all the marinade ingredients into the bag. Chop the chicken into chunks and add to the bag. Lift the bag from the bowl and knot the top of the bag. Agitate the bag until all the ingredients and chicken are well mixed.

Pop in the fridge overnight to marinade. At this point it is also a good idea if using bamboo skewers to pop them in some cold water to soak overnight. They will absorb the water and this will stop them from burning in the BBQ.

The following day drain the chicken from the marinade and discard the remainder of the marinade.

Remove the skewers from the water.

Cut the vegetables ready for threading. Take a piece of chicken and push onto the skewer followed by a piece of pepper then chicken building the skewer. This can be done anyway you like.

Cover a tray with baking parchment and lay the skewers on the parchment. When all the skewers are made pop them on the tray, put them into the freezer and flat freeze. Once they are frozen remove from the tray and put into a labelled and dated freezer bag and return to the freezer ready for your BBQ!

These can be thawed before cooking and take approx 10 mins. They can also be cooked from frozen but will take a little longer. Always check the meat is cooked before serving!


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