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Homemade Carpet Freshener

I hoover my carpets everyday, having two dogs and a cat so I feel it’s essential. But occasionally when I open the door in the morning I feel the lounge smells a little stale. I am always opening all the doors and windows airing the house but sometimes I like to freshen my carpets and prefer to use my own carpet freshener. It's an environmentally friendly mix and although pet safe I do shut my pets out of the room to be extra safe.

I usually make a large batch and this will last up to a year in a sealed container stored in a dry place. The beauty is you can choose your own aroma that you like or make a mix of essential oils. So here is just how quick and simple it is to freshen the carpets and they stay fresh for a very long time!

I always tend to use lavender oil as I love the smell plus it relaxes you, so perfect for the lounge and my therapy room too!

You will need:

1 kg Sodium Bicarbonate ( to make a smaller quantity just half everything)

250g Pumice power ( I use a medium, if you use one too fine, your vacuum filter won’t like it)

Essential oil of your choice

Glass bowl for mixing

Metal spoon

Empty plastic water tight container for storage ( you can use a strong plastic bag, anything that will not get damp)

(Pumice powder and Sodium bicarbonate are readily available online)


Tip the Sodium bicarbonate and pumice powder into a glass bowl ( don’t use plastic as essential oil will taint it)

Blend the two together breaking down any lumps with the back of the spoon. If you are concerned it’s lumpy you can put it through a metal sieve but again not plastic . I just spend a few minutes using the back of the spoon.

Once you are satisfied they are well blended, add drops of your essential oil a few drops at a time. Stirring in stopping and smelling and continue until you are happy with the strength of the smell.

Sprinkle over the carpet and brush it in. Leave for as long as you can, overnight is good as you can vacuum it up the following morning. I just shut the doors so that the pets can’t get in and leave for as long as I can.

Vacuum as normal and your carpet will smell just amazing for days and days! Store the remaining powder in a damp proof container until you need it again!


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