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Decorating A Home with Desenio

*Ad-Gifted. All opinions are our own.

Isn’t it strange that when you move house, the new house doesn’t feel like home until you put your pictures up on the walls. Pictures are so important in the home and add style and character to a room.

Many years ago I worked in a shop with a gallery and began to realise how important pictures are. What is beautiful to one person is not necessarily to another. Pictures can signify your style and personality and turn your house into your home.

I am a self-confessed fussy person, who is very difficult to please when it comes to buying pictures. I would never gift a picture as I feel it is one of the most personal things you put in your home.

Finding the right picture for a room for me in the past had been a trial and a challenge, traipsing from shop to shop and nothing jumping out or telling the story I wanted to tell.

That was until I found Desenio online. And suddenly the chore became a pleasure. Enabling me to take my time viewing the wonderful prints and canvases available, even looking at them in the room I intend to hang them in. The choices are endless, the quality fantastic and the prices amazing!

Being able to narrow down my searches for style and colour and make a saved list is exactly what I needed. Then Desenio just make it so easy to choose the right frame for your print or have it printed on canvas if you desire. And since discovering Desenio, I have really been able to bring some of the rooms in my home truly to life.

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I recently discovered they now sell cushions too! According to my husband I have a cushion problem, but has anyone ever said “ I have too many cushions?!! I very much doubt it somehow. I recently ordered a beautiful new William Morris print for the spare room after years of looking for just the right thing and I ordered the frame to fit. Desenio makes it so easy! And then of course a few cushions were an absolute must! When the cushion cover’s arrived I was not disappointed, the quality of the print and fabric matched the quality of all the Desenio products I have had in the past.

Thank you Desenio for making decorating my home such a pleasurable and easy task!

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