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Crafters Christmas Gift Guide2022

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

During those long cold winter months, we love nothing more than curling up under a blanket and knitting and stitching. During the bright summer days, Sue can often be found doing beautiful water colour paintings. Even during harvest time something is being created be it a wreath, garden obelisk or flower press painting. We know we are not the only ones who love to craft, so we have put together our Crafters Christmas Gift Guide for 2022.

If you want to send a gift that’s fun and chocolate then you have to visit The Amazing Chocolate Workshop where they craft almost anything you can dream of out of chocolate. We have chosen this crafting chocolate gift set and are amazed by the fabulous detail. There is definitely a chocolate gift set for everyone on The amazing chocolate workshop's website!

A lot of people who are craft minded like useful gifts. Something they can make or do something with. We really liked this Woolfiller repair kit. It included wool fibre, 2 felting needles, 1 foam block and instructions. You can use it to repair Jumpers, hats, blankets, scarves and almost any woollen textile . And fans of the repair shop program will really appreciate this little set and of course in the age where we are all trying to live more sustainably we think this is a perfect stocking filler!

What can you give a crafter at Christmas? We just love Dorset buttons. This is a wonderful traditional craft that turns into the most beautiful of things. This year we have chosen the Large brooch kit from Dorset Buttons. Giving a crafter everything they need beautifully packaged to create a beautiful Dorset Button Brooch using the cart wheel design.


We absolutely fell in love with this garden journal from Dobbies. It is incredibly well thought out and has a lovely recipe each month of the year, and along with the daily planner there are pages to keep notes, plant profiles and even space to sketch a garden plan! And all beautifully illustrated in Wrendale Designs by Hannah Dale.

When we discovered the Dorset based Lillie James Design we knew we had discovered something very special indeed. Jewellery lovingly hand crafted from vintage glass and crystals. This beautiful pair of earrings are made with vintage blue glass and sea sediment and retail and an amazing £8. Hop over to LillyJamesDesigns Etsy shop and see all the wonderful pieces available!

We just thought this Empower flower crafting set was the most wonderful gift for crafters and those alike. A paper craft kit with the most amazing empowering messages. Being absorbed in crafting is such a wonderful way to relax the mind and to find something with such beautifully strong positive messages is an absolute bonus! Retail at £19.99 it’s a steal.

What more can we say than just BRILLIANT. This creative wellness kit from FabLab is so so nice. Because not only can it be used to make Jewellery, but a room diffuser and pillow spray. Crafting is a fabulous way to relax, but this has an extra something because it contains fragrances. So the lava beads in the jewellery can soak up those beautiful smells and make you feel good all day long. It includes 4 fragrances ( Lavender, Camomile, Lemon and Mandarin) So whether you are out wearing your bracelet or settling down to sleep you are just going to feel completely zen!

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