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A Little Box of Doggy Happiness

You have probably seen on our Instagram, the slightest glimpse of our furry friends. We have two; our wonderful Tally who is very loving and serious and our crazy, young Jasmine. Jasmine is the sweetest little dog and extremely affectionate. She is very special to us in so

many ways.

Jasmine was born with a hare lip, her pallet is complete so she can eat well. Now anyone who has not owned a French bull dog won't know this, but they are notoriously stubborn. Almost beyond belief. But if there is one thing that has Jasmine sitting on command and coming to me when she is called it's food and treats.

So when Walkers Treats UK sent a little box of doggie happiness, it wasn't just Jasmine that was

happy.The box was full of lots of fabulous natural treats. This for me is great because although Jasmine will eat anything ( including things that are not necessarily edible ) she actually has a rather sensitive tummy. We also loved the addition of the free neckerchief!

So to be able to give her a nature treat is just great, plus just for that short time she listens to me

and responds to commands. As you know, I have an allotment and it is good to walk the dogs with me to the allotment and let them potter around the garden with me.

However, Jasmine does have a tendency to try and dig up plants OR chew the wooden lolly pop stick labels, to the point where I am not entirely sure what it is that I am growing! However, being able to bring along one of her natural Walkers Treats means that she is happy and distracted and kept out of mischief... if only for a little while!

Thank you Walkers Treats UK - we will definitely be back for more!



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