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Small Space Gardening

We are often talking about growing our own veg here on the blog.

One of us has a small garden and the other lives in a flat without a garden.

This is why we both decided to get allotments because we wanted to grow our own veg. But not everyone one has the time for an allotment but still want to produce their own veg.

A friend of mine lives in a beautiful Victorian terrace house in the county town of Dorchester and although she has a garden it's not big enough for a vegetable patch. But after visiting my allotment my friend felt inspired to grow some veg at home.

She has beautifully combined vegetables in amongst the flower boarder of her back garden and it looks fantastic .

I love to see veg incorporated into a flower boarder. It just gives a garden a whole new dimension.

And of course many things grow vertically like runner beans peas but even pumpkin and squash can be grown vertically to maximize growing space. Tomatoes can be grown in hanging baskets ( cherry tumblers) and also Tomatoes can happily be grown in tubes as can carrots . Potatoes can be grown in bags. Lettuce etc in tubs and buckets.

So even if you only have a balcony or like my friend a small growing area around the lawn you can still grow your own.

There is nothing more satisfying than nipping out to the back garden and picking your own produce.

Herbs can easily be incorporated into a flower boarder and if your not confident enough to try veg growing in the flower boarders then maybe try a few herbs to start with.

The sense of satisfaction of sitting down to a meal knowing you have grown the herbs and veg is lovely and of course it couldn't be any fresher!

A big thank you to my friend Emma for sharing pictures of her fabulous flower and veg boarders, I just know it will inspire more people to have a go and grow!

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