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Sitting Spiritually

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Isn’t it strange how recent events have changed all of us just a little and our perspectives on life in general have changed?

For me one of the things that became increasingly important was relaxing and having somewhere lovely and comfortable to relax. I really began to appreciate my outside space so much more and I wanted to improve it .

So in the first lockdown I decided to build a garden pond as I wanted to hear running water, something we all associate with relaxing.

I then progressed onto planting a cottage garden and as I have said before when I created these things, when the ideas and thoughts begin I am seeking a feeling or vibe or emotion really of how I want to feel in that space. I ask myself what I want from that space and of course I want a peaceful and tranquil place to relax. I want to create an oasis where I can just leave the world behind and chill.

So the cottage garden is in its first season and although I say it myself it has in fact been rather spectacular and the pond is now very well established. Yet I feel like something is missing, there is one final piece of the puzzle to complete the dream. My decked area had a few seats and l had planted lush large green plants in terracotta pots and surrounded the area in tall bamboos. I couldn’t work out quite what it was.

I then, quite by accident came across this website, Sitting Spiritually of Lyme Regis, and in that very moment I knew what it was, a swing seat!

There is something rather decadent about a beautiful wooden swing seat and when I saw the Tranquillity garden swing seat, well it even had the right name!

I immediately knew this was exactly what I needed to complete the garden vibe and the dream.

There is something rather comforting about sitting on a swing seat, the gentle movement to and fro. Perhaps it reminds us of being lovingly rocked in our mothers arms as babies. I just know that once I’m comfortably swinging back and forth it's almost like all the trials and tribulations of the day just ebb away.

To find such beautiful swing seats that have been crafted FSC - sourced oak on the Sitting Spiritually website was more than appealing. Because I knew I would be getting quality that would last. They’re nothing like the metal/plastic ones - Visually striking, natural, like no other I have found on my long internet searches!

All I need to do now is buy some cushions and we all know you can NEVER have too many cushions. Someone just needs to tell my husband that fact!



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