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Panelling: Adding Inexpensive Luxury to Your Home

*This is a collaborative post.

When you hear the word wall panelling you may immediately think of country estates and grand stairways. But panelling is so much more. And I want to lift the lid on panelling so you can see all of the advantages, possibilities and finishes that you can achieve in your own home. And will soon realise ( if you haven’t already) that you can have that high end look and feel when decorating and it’s so easy to do! You can create that luxurious finish with panelling and it doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact it could save you pounds!

panelling on the wall

Panelling can give a room height and create a sense of space and give opulent finish.

I have recently started to tackle a refit of my ensuite shower room along with my husband's help. I have to confess, I have been putting this job off for some time. The previous owners put tiles upon tiles and in places tiled from floor to ceiling. The problem with tiles (and these were mosaic size tiles) is the G word, yes grout. I have spent far too many hours trying to keep the grout clean and knowing it was a losing battle. The thought of having to take off two layers of tiles and what condition the walls are like underneath then re-plastering and all the horrors that go along with this type of job, let alone the cost of re-tiling was quite honestly just too much for me.

And then someone said, have you not thought of panelling? I have to say it stopped me in my tracks and I thought, why haven’t I ? So jumping onto the internet and a whole new world of possibilities opened its doors to me.

So I started to explore the website and created my mood board and plan as I like to do.

The choices and possibilities are amazing from tongue and groove wall panels to stone effect panels and MDF wall panels and my saving grace PVC bathroom panels that look like tiles or stone to sparkly crystal quartz effect panels without the price tag.

So work has begun and as I sit writing this my dear husband is being the refit of the ensuite and I’m very excited. We have chosen to do a tongue and groove effect along the wall behind the loo and basin that was tiles before and the PVC panel the shower area and the change is not only amazing to look at but is progressing quickly and thanks to panels with ease too!

Of course now I have explored the endless possibilities that the internet has shown me, I am now feeling extremely creative and can’t wait to start the next project. I would love to put panelling up the stairs as this would be so durable and we have very high ceilings so this would break up the expanse of wall going up the stairs beautifully.

I absolutely love the idea of using panels as a feature wall and now have multiple mood boards in the planning stages to really give our home a face lift that will look expensive but not cost the earth.

Although I've not mentioned this to my husband yet as I think it’s wise to let him finish the ensuite first 😂

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