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Our Growers Christmas Gift Guide

*Ad-Gifted. All opinions are our own.

One of us grew up gardening and has had green fingers her whole life and the other gardened with her grandparents as a small child and then lost interest completely, that is until she joined the ranks of the allotment holders. Now, most summer days, you can find us up at lottie, planting, pruning, picking and more. So how could we not include a Christmas Gift Guide for Growers!

I love using hand care products from SEAMS. So naturally I like to gift them too. After a day in the garden, I know my gardening friend will really appreciate having SEAMS products to restore their hands. This gift set is just perfect and comes in a lovely linen bag to keep your hand care handy!

Its really great to get kids outside and in the garden. Giving them an opportunity to learn about bugs and the world around them. We love this My living World Bug photography kit is a perfect gift to do just that!

If you have that special someone that likes to be eco friendly when out and about, this TOPL reusable cup would be the perfect stocking filler. But it isn't just another reusable cup, the TOPL is designed to give you the full aroma of your drink with it's vented lid yet won't spill or splash.

It's good to get the kids out in the fresh air and if you have a little one with an inquisitive mind this Science Mad Digital metal detector is a great gift to unleash their inner explorer. Whether in the garden on an adventure or down at the beach on a treasure hunt, they will just love this gift. It's light weight and has sensitivity and volume control and beeps when close to metal and a flashing light that changes colour when metal is near.

Every gardener loves a gift of plants. But of course at Christmas many plants are dormant and rarely in flower. But there is one that is in it's glory in the autumn and winter months and it just makes the perfect Christmas gift for a gardener, and that's the Hellebores. It's beautiful glossy leaves and flowers brighten up the winter garden and this beautiful pink one from Golden Valley Plants is just a perfect specimen and will make someone very happy,

A gift in a tin is just such a lovely idea and this make your own insect house from Coastal Craft Collective makes the perfect gift for someone one who is crafty and likes the garden. We think the tin is perfect for keeping seeds in afterwards!

I love to find sustainable gifts for my gardener friends, so when I came across FRUIT BODHI ORGANICS at the vegan market in Dorchester back in the summer, I knew I had the perfect gift idea for Christmas for the true growers in my family. Ethical, Sustainable, Vegan and fun to grow. The kit arrives ready to get started and of course the end result is something beautiful to cook also. I just hope they remember to invite me for a taster session when the mushrooms are ready!

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