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New Allotment Plans

My original Lottie is raring to go now and I can't wait for the season to really kick off. But I have been super busy preparing the new allotment area. It was extremely neglected and not been touched for many years so it felt a bit daunting to begin with.

I'm sharing a half plot with Katie and now have my 1/4 marked out and one bed dug of the four areas marked out . So the new project begins!

I'm quiet excited about this as it's something I have wanted to do for a long time but didn't have the space before.

My plan is to try to grow an Apothecary garden, so that through the season I can pick and dry petals leaves and roots and use them for herbal tea remedies and may try my hand at a few other things; maybe balms, oils etc.

I did have a tiny area in the original Lottie with a few plants which I will transfer once I'm ready. Red clover, wormwood, evening primrose and a few others. But now I can expand this and bed one is dug and ready.

But before I start to transfer plants I still have a lot of clearing and tidying to get done. I have marked out four growing areas in total. But there is still so much planning for the other three, and some hard labour!

I prefer to be a "no dig" gardener, but for now I am digging the beds because there are lots and lots of big flints and I would like to pick out as much as I can. Although I'm am certain I know my plans for two of them, the three remaining beds, the third I am still pondering on. So watch this space as they say, and all will be revealed!

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