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Making An Automatic Tomato Waterer

Watering the allotment can be hard work throughout the summer. I already do no dig gardening and know some of the people at the allotment call it lazy gardening ( I just think its kinder to the soil.) So, I don't know what they will think of my latest idea. I imagine they are all rolling their eyes already.

But I'm all for making life easier and experimenting.

I had a little chuckle as one of the older guys asked what I was doing last week and I explained. He said and I quote, "hummm you have some funny ideas, but they seem to work!" and trotted off laughing. I think that was a compliment? So I continued with my latest labour saving idea.

I really don't know if this is going to work. So we will have to wait and see the the results.

Tomatoes are really thirsty plants and I grow mine outside, so need to find a way to keep them well watered and supported.

In the garage we had an old red kitchen bin, and when I asked my husband to drill holes in it he said "what are you up to now?!" "All will be revealed!" was my reply!

So I have my bin and have four small holes drilled evenly space around it right at the bottom edge. And then another four approx 10 inches above the bottom holes.

I dug a hole at the allotment to sit the bin in but larger round than the bin as I want to fill in around the bin with compost. The hole in the ground is deep enough so that the bin is sunk down in 10 inches and the top holes drilled in it are level with the


I then planted four tomatoes plants, one by each hole. I have staked them and then put four bamboo further out between each plant and later on I will put string around to help support the

plants. But for the minute they are holding a large clear plastic bag in place as a little early to put tomatoes out really. So I made a mini green house for them and fingers crossed Jack Frost doesn't nip them.

I had great success last year with my tomatoes and planted a variety. This year I have chosen all cherry tomatoes. One yellow ( golden crown), one orange (sun gold), one red (super sweet) and one purple colour ( black cherry) as I thought the mix would look pretty amazing in a salad.

So the hole is dug and the bin in place, tomatoes planted. All I need to do ( hopefully) is to fill the bin with water every day or so and the water should seep out gradually and Hey presto! Happy tomatoes.

Well that's the idea anyway. Will it work? What do you think? Keep a eye out for my tomato updates!

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