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Homemade Bath Salts Gift

I always think there is something extra special about a gift that’s homemade. I appreciate the thought, time and effort that goes into making them. There is nothing more relaxing or luxurious than a long soak in the bath, and letting all the muscles unwind and relax. It’s not just the hot water that helps us to do this but also what you put in the water as well as aromas, so both mind and body relax together.

I love to make and gift my very special lavender bath soak. It can be put in beautiful jars and tied with ribbons or even popped into a small cellophane bag as a single portion bath soak.

The ingredients I like to use in my luscious lavender bath soak are fairly simple but combined are worth the minimal effort it takes to make.

I generally use organic Epsom salts, or mineral flakes. The difference is the textures mostly as they both contain magnesium. Magnesium sulphate is 100% natural and really good for skin conditions. It helps with muscle soreness and bathing in it helps to replace magnesium in the body.

Another lovely ingredient I use is Himalayan salt. Pink Himalayan Salt is one of the purest forms of salt on earth.Salt is famed for its purity, and high mineral content. The salt gets its unique pink colour as a result of the high mineral content, including iron, potassium and magnesium and is believed to infuse the skin with its minerals, hydrates, as well as detoxifying the skin. It is said that it has many healing properties.

So marrying that up with lavender is the ultimate way to relax in the bath!!

So here is how I make my lavender bath soak;

Choose a container/ jar

In a bowl I like to mix 9 parts magnesium flakes or Epsom salts, to 1 part of pink Himalayan salt. You can put less magnesium/Epsom salts and more Himalayan , it really is up to you. Add some drops of good quality lavender oil, give it a mix and do the smell test! It’s up to you how much lavender to add but do it gradually until it smells nice but not overwhelming. I like to add some of my dried lavender flowers into the mix from my garden. Mix it all together and fill the glass jar. It looks so pretty with the white pink and lavender flowers.

The one thing to always remember when making this beautiful lavender bath soak is to make enough for yourself as well!

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1 Comment

April Good
April Good
4 days ago

If you do more magnesium flakes or epson salt what is the max ratio for Himalayan salt? Is there one?


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