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Freezer Garlic & Parsley Butter

I always have a batch of my freezer garlic parsley butter at the ready as I use it for so many recipes, sometimes I just pop a slice on a steak or melt onto a ciabatta to make the most amazing garlic bread.

It's quick it’s simple and it keeps well.

250g pack of salted butter

Handful of chopped parsley

Garlic cloves to preference.

Leave the butter on the side for an hour or so to soften.

Finely mince the parsley and crush garlic cloves ( I just whizz mine through a electric chopper)

When the butter is soft enough mix the garlic and parsley in.

Take a large piece of cling film and lay in flat on the work surface. Spoon the mixture in a line and then lift one side of the cling film over, tuck it under and then roll the butter mix over to form a sausage.

Take each end of the cling film and roll the sausage away from you so that the ends of the cling film twist and the butter sausage tightens. Continue doing this until you have a nice compact sausage shape . Then knot the ends of the cling film and pop it in the freezer!

Whenever you need garlic parsley butter just remove from the freezer cut of a slice and then return the remaining to the freezer.

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