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Exciting Salads

You know when they ask what's for dinner and you say the word "salad" you can almost feel them curling up their toes in their shoes! And I often hear people say salad!! More like rabbit food.

But salads are exciting and fantastic if you have a hectic day ahead. Just get up in the morning prep them and job done.

There is a salad for everyone... yes even the fussy lot!! When making salads you can really be creative and they can be colourful and not have a lettuce leaf in sight. Another toe curling word can be couscous. Couscous can be exciting and dynamic... yes you heard it here first couscous can be DYNAMIC.

But you have to enhance and flavour it for it become dynamic. Cooked and flavoured it really makes a wonderful salad.

Quinoa... at this point I feel like I am making a list of salad haters' swear words! Like couscous, you have to be creative and use flavourings that enhance this protein packed little seed.

In the coming weeks as Summer really bursts forth, I will share with you several recipes that are easy and tasty and probably going to turn the most determined salad hater in to a salad lover! They are recipes that can be tweaked to suit the family.

From Roasted Vegetable Quinoa to Pesto Couscous or a Caribbean inspired Lime, Cucumber and Pineapple salad, these will all make amazing accompaniments to meals throughout the summer. Whether as a brilliant BBQ side dish, next to a delicious slice of homemade quiche or piled high in a plate on it's own, salad does NOT have to be a dirty word!

So come on... give salad a go. What do you like in a salad?

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