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Chef Prepared Fresh Food for Dogs from Monty's Larder

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two dogs with bibs sat at a candlelit dining table licking their lips with bowls of food in front of them

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We are always thanking our lucky stars that we live in beautiful Dorset. Here in Dorset we have so many excellent food producers, offering the highest quality locally and ethically sourced foods that we love to buy and use in our recipes.

We at Dorset country life are dog lovers and have two little rascals, and we want good quality locally sourced food for our dogs. Something that isn’t bulked out with grains, fillers, and any other unmentionable things. So we were delighted to find Monty’s Larder!

People say the dog is man’s best friend, but we will let you into a little secret here at Dorset Country Life, our girls are not only our best friends but our precious babies, so naturally we want only the very best for them.

And we have finally found it!

a dog sat in front of a bowl with a packet of the dog food

Monty’s Larder is just the most fabulous dog food and everything that goes into producing their dog food is sourced from local family run farms. All of the meat is from farms and farmers who share Monty’s Larders high standards and commitments to animal welfare, sustainability and nature.

All of the meat is from grass fed and outdoor reared animals, poultry and game. This is everything we would expect on our own plates, so naturally we want the same high quality and standards for our dogs too. Monty’s Larder dog food is being produced by the founders of award winning THE DORSET MEAT COMPANY , so we immediately knew the quality was going to be good and would meet our expectations.

All the locally sourced ingredients including fresh locally grown vegetables are brought together into Monty’s Larders Dorset based kitchen. Once there, they are then hand made by the Monty’s Larder chef into the finest dog foods, that is not only deliciously healthy and nutritious meals for dogs but sustainably made too!

Our girls deserve the best and with Monty’s Larder we are confident that is what they are getting because Monty’ Larder only uses beautifully fresh locally and ethically sourced ingredients, including meat, fish and vegetables, from farms that use regenerative farming practices so they are ticking all of our boxes.

a bow with all the dog meals surrounding it

The recipes have been expertly created by Monty’s Larders own canine nutritionists for the correct balance of vitamins and minerals our dogs need. And the meals are cooked over 90c to lock all the natural goodness in. The meals are then frozen to keep them fresh. They are then hand packaged into insulated packages ready to be delivered to your door!

We have found that shopping from Monty’s Larder online couldn’t be easier, we loved the fact that you can buy each recipe in either 400g,700g or 1kg potions. And you can mix and match making your own plan or choose one of the meal boxes suggested. The Beef meal box , Mixed meal box or Starter box.

And once you have decided which delights you want for your pooch you can, if you like, set up a subscription so the food arrives every two, four or eight weeks. What could be easier!?

You can also sign up for a Monty’s kitchen newsletter so you can receive offers and discounts and find out more about the wonderful work that happens at Monty’s Larder.

the logo for monty's larder

Well done Monty’s Larder for making such fabulous Dorset produced dog food, using practices that are so ethical, sustainable and kind to nature and for supporting our local farmers too. We really do appreciate all that you have done to make it the absolute best food for our dogs, and our dogs really appreciate it too!


To get 25% off your first order, use the following code at checkout:


As they say, we are what we eat. It’s the same for your dog.



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