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A Total Growing Beginner

Apart from when I was a small child outdoors with my grandfather, I have never really gotten enjoyment from gardening and growing. I like the rewards but the effort to get there always seemed like so much work... but then nothing worth having ever came easy did it?

So what changed? Last summer, my daughter and I spent a lot of time out of doors and in particular with Sue at her allotment. Not only was my daughter fascinated to watch things grow and encouraged to try foods she had previously dismissed but I found that the time I spent outside and doing things and helping at the allotment or simply by watering I really enjoyed.

The earth, the world around us doesn't talk back. It doesn't ask questions. It doesn't make you feel bad or sad or inferior, it just is. Of course it appreciates a little taking care of, but then don't we all?!

So when the opportunity to get my own small allotment area came up, despite being a little hesitant, I knew it would be good for both myself and my family. Recently, it was confirmed that I now had a small piece of land to call my own and we went to view it.

I think my daughter was a little disappointed that it doesn't look like Sue's did last summer in full bloom and produce but I was delighted if somewhat daunted by the task ahead. It is a large plot which we will be splitting down the middle. I will take one half and have a go at growing produce that my family and I will enjoy and at the other end is Sue's new project; I will let her reveal that in her own time.

We were fortunate enough that the plot came with a fruit cage with existing raspberry plants, which we are going to share and add to. We have already dived into it and cleared some waste and cut back the raspberries. We are now waiting for the arrival of the rotavator to give us an initial head start and then off we will go.

I will also be following the no dig planting method as I think the less I do to the soil and plants the less likely it is I will kill them all. I am sincerely hoping that I have inherited the family green fingers and that my current learning and research will pay off.

So delighted that Thompson and Morgan will be supplying a large amount of our sees and plants for the season and could not be more grateful for the starting blocks I needed.

If you have any tips to help me along the way, do not be afraid to share. Total beginner here but eager to learn. I will keep you updated on the progress as we go and hey, wish me luck!

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