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Tips for Decorating Your Home

I love decorating my home, but there is one thing I love even more and that is planning to decorate.

When I am planning a room I always stand in it and decide how I want it to feel, what will its vibe be.

Then I set to work and start my mood board and this can take time as I swap things in and out until I get it just right.

beautiful lounge

Attention to the finer details I think is always key to a high end finish of a room. So it’s not just the obvious things that make or break the finish of a beautifully decorated room but the things that people often don’t consider that are one of the most important aspects of a great finish. Like the skirting boards!

Because the skirting board is not only there to finish the edges of the room where the wall meets the floor, or something that is only there to protect the walls from shoes and over zealous vacuuming etc, but they can add and create style and finesse.

Skirting boards can take a room to a beautiful modern finish or bring a wonderful Victorian feel to a room with exquisite curves or chamfers.

They can also provide clean cut lines, but I will let you into a secret, they don’t always have to be white!! Painting a skirting board in a bold tone can really change a room's look and give it a real punch and add elements of drama to a room. It can add real interest and character to a room. Marred up with bold wallpapers or painting your skirting boards the same colour as the walls can all change the look of a room giving it a bold and contemporary feel.

How you paint your skirting board can add colour and contrast and project your taste and personality into a room and really make a statement.

So whether you want a room to be edgy or classic, making the right decision when you buy skirting board for a room can make all the difference.

If you are renovating on a budget then it’s worth looking around online and finding your best cost effective options for skirting boards and their covers. Skirting board covers are fantastic with no mess and super easy to use as they just slot over the original old tired skirting boards for a sleek fresh finish.

Skirting boards, often overlooked, wield a transformative power that can redefine the aesthetics of any room. Serving as a finishing touch, these humble elements bridge the visual gap between walls and floors, providing a polished, cohesive look. The choice of skirting board style can dramatically influence the overall ambiance—whether it's a classic elegance with intricate mouldings or a modern simplicity with clean lines. Beyond aesthetics, skirting boards conceal gaps and imperfections, creating a seamless transition between different surfaces. Their ability to subtly complement the room's design, enhance architectural features, and offer a protective barrier against scuffs and wear makes skirting boards an indispensable element in the art of interior design, adding the final strokes that truly complete a space.

So next time you start planning to decorate a room, don’t forget your skirting boards because they are important too!

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