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Roast Parsnips Recipe

I grew parsnips again this year on Lottie. Thompson and Morgan’s “Tender and True”.

And as last year they have been a great success. But this week I pulled them all as they are getting rather big and I have decided to batch freeze them for ease throughout the winter months.

After experimenting within freezing them last year I am happy that the method I used was just as good as fresh. So here is how I prepare and freeze my parsnips.

Wash and peel the parsnips, which were large so I have to cut each half way down and then each half into quarters. Then I took the cores out because of the size as this can become woody.

Pop in a pan and bring to the boil. I like to par boil but be careful not to over cook as they will become soft and fall to pieces.

Stick a knife in and if the outer layer is beginning to soften drain.

Once they have drained I put them in a large boil and add beef dripping and runny honey and toss the parsnips until they are evenly coated.

On a tray lay a sheet of parchment paper and put the parsnips on the paper making sure they are not touching. Pop in the freezer to flat freeze.

Once they are frozen, bag them up in a freezer bag and label and date and pop them in the freezer for when you need them!

It is great to be able to take out as many or few as needed and I cook them from frozen. No need to thaw beforehand. Also when I have family coming to stay I like to maximise my time with them . I don’t want to be in the kitchen spending hours peeling vegetables.

I also use this method for some of my potatoes, so that it frees up my time, but I can still produce a massive family roast with minimum effort!

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