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Creating a Cottage Garden

I had an area in my garden where the grass didn't grow fantastically well as there are trees surrounding it. I wanted to create a space where we could sit and have a coffee or breakfast and feel enveloped in a sea of plants that where tall and had movement as a well as smelling good.

Having limited space this was going to be a challenge. And I adore cottage gardens and gravel gardens.

So much to my husband's horror, while he was at work during lockdown I dug up the lawn! I made some sketches of what I hoped to achieve and so began to plan my gravel cottage garden.

I wanted height and movement but I also wanted a colour pallet of pink purple and mauve and lots of white.

I was on a limited budget so could not go to the garden centre and buy lots of beautiful mature plants like you see on a garden make over program. I bought bulbs, small plug plants and seeds and bare root plants from supermarkets. This means the garden will take a few years to mature before I get the effect and feel I am aiming for.

But this is gardening isn't it , time patience and planning. I would never describe myself as a gardener, when I start a project it's to create a feel or vibe. So I guess I'm more of a dreamer who tries to turn dreams into reality.

This dream of a lazy kind of feeling gravel garden where I can sit with a pot of herbal tea and a good book whilst surrounded by tall flowers moving just slightly in the breeze with the occasional waft of sweet scents and big bumblebees busily going from flower to flower and beautiful butterflies fluttering around may not be the reality of the dream. Only time will tell.

I will share the journey and progress with you. As always what works and does not. Triumphs and failures as the garden grows and matures.

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